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Who We Are

The Methodist University Ghana Language Centre (MUGLC) is a premier language institute located in the heart of Accra, Ghana. The center is outfitted with appropriate language learning materials and facilities, which students and instructors use for hands-on language work to promote the teaching and learning. We believe in the power of diversity at MUGLC, and we have students from various nationalities who are successfully integrated into academic life because to the effective structures we put in place to help them overcome language limitations.

Why Choose Us?

Here are some of the reasons why you must study at the Methodist University Ghana Language Centre.

Diverse Campus

We have a strong representation of students from culturally diverse backgrounds allowing you to gain valuable knowledge about the world.

Integrated Learning

Our programme provides inter-curricular opportunities to ensure the all-round development of our students.

Conducive Environment

We provide a setting which allows for a free exchange of ideas, thoughts and skills between teachers and learners to achieve the expected educational goals

Dedicated Team

When you study with us, you will be studying with a devoted team of teachers and professionals, committed to offering the best academic experience possible.

Student Advising

We provide student advising, which involves an active engagement between educators and students with the specific goal of improving students’ learning experiences.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is provided to improve access and affordability, making education accessible to the smartest and brightest students from all socioeconomic levels.

Student Testimonials

Here are some Reviews on “Diversity and Academic Support & Advising” by our
students at the Methodist University Ghana.

“Methodist University Ghana has a diverse student body that contributes to the campus’s cultural diversity. This is an excellent opportunity for students to network. All you have to do is strike start a conversation with someone and learn about their culture. There are also small communities for people of different backgrounds on campus, so you are never alone.”

Julia Raquel Obama

Class of 2022

“Methodist University Ghana serves as a communal space. It is a location that welcomes all cultures. Meeting students with diverse viewpoints and teachers with a variety of experience and expertise can help you transform there. The atmosphere is enjoyable, and the student body is highly active. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It usually evokes pleasant recollections.”

Juan Pablo Nchama

Class of 2024

“I was in a very different environment when I decided to transfer to a non-francophone university to explore new academic paths, and at first it felt overwhelming. However, following the student advising support from the ASSAD team, my academic experience became easier. Also, I met other students who had been in my situation, and we have a small community on campus.”

Betina Mansueto

Class of 2023


Frequently Asked Questions?

The section that follows provides basic answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs). An expanded version is available here. If the information provided below does not answer your questions, please contact us.

01. How many courses are available?

Currently we run a General English Course at our Language Centre.

02. Is it possible to apply whilst working?

Our course is open to all and has a very flexible structure which can be easily integrated into your daily schedule.

03. Can an adviser be assigned to me before I enroll?

Without a doubt! We recognize that before committing fully to our course, you might want extra clarification on a few points. Therefore, we are willing to make sure that all of these issues are taken care of. Send us your concerns right here and you will be assigned to an adviser who will respond to you in less than 24 hours.

04. What if I cannot afford full tuition?

Our courses are reasonably priced, and we appreciate that due to socioeconomic circumstances, some students may be unable to pay full tuition. To make the program more accessible, we offer Financial Aid on a need-based and merit-based scale. Visit here to learn more.

*Please keep in mind that we have a limited number of Financial Aid spots available.

05. Can I enroll at your Language Centre even though I am not a student at Methodist University Ghana?

Yes! Even if you are not a student at Methodist University, you may apply. There are no academic prerequisites or requirements for studying at the Language Centre. This is because, as part of our commitment to SDG Goal 4(Quality Education), we strive to eliminate as many barriers to education as possible.

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